Marty of Marty's Place

About Marty of Marty’s Place

Who’s Marty of Marty’s place? Martin William Tomberg was our father. Born in New York in June of 1926, an avid Yankee fan and entrepreneur, he devoted his life to his family. Sitting in his well worn recliner, reading the New York Times with the din of Sunday morning political commentary in the background, our father created a home full of love and memories.

He was also an extraordinarily generous man who gave without expectation of receiving. His generosity continues today with the gift of this property to his family. Our dad could spend hours sitting on a bench enjoying a beautiful view and we hope that you enjoy sharing in his generosity as you gaze over the bluff out to the Saratoga Passage and the beauty of the surrounding area.

Marty and His Wife Gail
On Their Wedding Day
Marty and Gail

Some of Marty’s favorite things:

  • The N.Y. Yankees
  • Reading the New York Times
  • Going to the NY Football Giants games with his son Eddie